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My name is Nora Brown, and I am the founder of Rider Picks.

If I had to describe Rider Picks in one sentence, I would say: It is the go-to steer for everything horse-related.

On this website, horse-riding experts share exclusive insights into everything from nutrition and horse care to competitions and lifestyle. It is a fantastic resource for the modern horserider.

Horse riding is both fun and rewarding. Whether you’re an amateur or experienced, discovering new horizons in horse riding is incredibly satisfying. And no matter if you’re just learning to ride or have been doing it for years, there is a thrill to it that never ceases to exist.

Safe to say, I’m passionate about horse riding. So whether you’re an owner, rider, breeder, or a complete beginner, I want to share this knowledge and passion with you. My mission is to create the world’s leading horse-riding enthusiast community; a hub of inspiration, learning, and sharing. If you too are a horse enthusiast, then stick around to read more on this dedicated website, where you’ll find all the information you need in one place.

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