Best Dressage Boots For Horses – 6 Top Rated Equine Leg Protectors

To protect your horse during active pursuits such as intense dressage training, you want to invest in the right protective gear. The best dressage boots for horses offer much-needed protection and support. These boots offer safety for the horse’s ligaments, tendons, and legs – protecting them against shock from impact during riding.

Furthermore, they offer extra cushioning to leave your horse feeling comfortable so they can assist you in performing better. To help you make the right decision – we’ve compiled our list of the top picks for the five best dressage boots for horses. Take your pick of the ideal leg protectors.

1. Kavallerie Dressage Boots for Horses

Kavallerie Dressage Boots for HorsesFeaturing an anatomically shaped design, the Kavallerie Dressage Boots for Horses perfectly fits your horse’s legs for added support. A supportive fit makes galloping and dressage training easier. Additionally, thanks to this personalized fit, the dressage boots features an all-purpose field boot design.

These perfect fitting dressage boots use a breathable air mesh material that effectively dissipates heat built up during training. The 3D Air Mesh construction with micro-perforations further accentuates air ventilation. This 3D air mesh design prevents boot slippage as well.

Furthermore, a rigid shell is integrated into the boot’s construction using a DuroPlastic material. This rigid shell construction gives the boots a shock-absorbing performance, keeping your horse’s legs safe from strikes, bangs, and brushes.

Thanks to the copper lock closures, the boots are relatively easy to put on and remove. Plus, the copper locks ensure that the boots fit snuggly on the horse’s legs and provide a stable grip while allowing the horse to more freely.


  • Anatomically shaped to suit your horse’s legs
  • Tough DuroPlastic shell withstands damage from impact and absorbs shock
  • Anti-slip copper lock button closure
  • breathable mesh for optimal ventilation
  • Easy to clean and maintain – hose it down with water, hand wash it, or machine wash it


  • The elastic straps are a little too long and unevenly shaped

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2. Kavallerie Fleece Lined Dressage Horse Boots

Kavallerie Fleece Lined Dressage Horse BootsThe Kavallerie Fleece Lined Dressage Horse boots feature faux leather, which offers superior protection and sturdiness to withstand rough terrains. A strike pad is also added to the faux leather casing, providing a shock-absorbing performance that reduces impact.

In the interior, the boots are lined with fleece to prevent the horse’s legs from chafing. Furthermore, the fleece lining supports the lower limbs and equalizes pressure while offering an extra layer of shock absorption. The lightweight fleece lining also helps to enhance the breathability of the boots for optimal air circulation.

Its thickness on the other end cushions the horse’s legs for increased comfort. The dressage horse boots have a triple Velcro strap system. These straps offer a secure grip, which prevents the boots from slipping.

The boots’ shape complements the secure grip straps by molding into the horse’s leg anatomy. The particular design of these dressage boots protects fetlock during brushing as well as to offer leg cushioning.


  • Outer faux leather casing for added strength and protection
  • Shock absorbing strike pad to withstand impact
  • Breathable fleece lining for leg support and cushioning
  • Triple Velcro strap closure for secure grip
  • Heavy-duty elastic band to hold the boots together


  • Not very good quality outer casing material

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3. Back on Track Royal Tendon Boots

Back on Track Royal Tendon BootsInvesting in the Back on Track Royal Tendon Boots comes with multiple benefits. These boots protect the tendons in the back of your horse’s front legs from impact, for starters. Furthermore, the tendon boots offer incredible pain relief and soothing.

This pain relief comes in handy, especially during high energy activities when the hindfoot can hit the back of the front legs and risk damage.  Additionally, they protect against brushing. Thanks to their semi-open design, these boots offer increased ventilation, ensuring heat doesn’t build up even during the most intense activity.

The boots are constructed from durable nylon laminated casing to resist the most violent impact at the exterior. A thick and soft neoprene interior material has perforations for added ventilation.

The neoprene interior features a proprietary ceramic infused fabric lining, which compliments this function. Thanks to this construction, the boots boast an evenly distribute pressure to absorb shock from impact easily. Durable and tough elastic straps with brass buckles provide a secure fit with no risk of slipping.


  • High-density construction evenly distributes pressure for effective impact absorption
  • Protects feet against brushing and tendons from being knocked
  • It offers incredible pain relief and soothing to the tendons
  • Perforated neoprene interior for added breathability
  • Nylon laminated outer casing withstands shock from impacts


  • Buckles break easily on impact

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4. Shires ARMA Neoprene Brushing Boots

Shires ARMA Neoprene Brushing BootsFeaturing a fetlock boot design, the Shires ARMA Neoprene Brushing Boots are designed to offer protection around all legs while targeting the hind fetlocks too. This design makes these brushing boots perfect for activities such as show jumping, cross country riding, and eventing.

They’re perfect because the horse is more likely to kick, scrape, or trap their hind legs on their fetlocks during these activities. These boots feature a flexible shell that offers adequate protection while promoting freedom of movement. The straps feature an open design too, which complements this freedom.

While it is flexible, the outer shell still boasts a hardened surface that helps absorb shock from impact. The interior shock-absorbing lining on the other end protects the horse’s legs against bumps and knocks. Furthermore, the dressage boots feature an ergonomically shaped design that molds your horse’s legs for a personalized fit. The rounded edges and recessed stitching accentuate their durability.


  • Adjustable double touch close fastening fitted with stretch inserts for added comfort
  • Shock absorbing outer shell and interior lining
  • Flexible outer shell with open straps facilitate natural movements
  • Budget-friendly model
  • Available in a choice of different colored straps


  • The size runs a little large

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5. DSB Dressage Sport Boots

DSB Dressage Sport BootsThe rugged vinyl exterior of the DSB Dressage Sports Boots protects your horse’s legs and makes your horse look well kept. Thanks to the easy-wipe vinyl design, you can easily clean the boots on the go, leaving your horse looking neat at all times.

On the other end, the cover light strike pad boasts a high impact resistant finish, protecting your horse’s legs against the wildest knocks and bumps. Furthermore, the boots’ outer shell and its strike pad boast a puncture-proof and abrasion-resistant profile for increased overall durability.

The vinyl outer shell is fully waterproof, which helps keep your horse even safer. The interior has a lightweight and highly breathable fleece lining, which provides ample ventilation. The fleece lining also delivers incredible cushioning and comfort. Its breathable finish allows it to withstand fungicidal growth as well.

The interior features elastic Velcro closures, which make it easy to put on and remove the boots. Additionally, this closure mechanism allows you to achieve a personalized and snug fit for your horse, preventing the boots from sliding down.


  • Elastic Velcro closure for personalized and snug fit
  • Elastic straps securely hold the boots and prevent them from slipping
  • Interior fleece lining is resistant to fungicidal growth
  • The easy-to-clean vinyl exterior shell
  • Puncture-proof and abrasion-resistant construction for added durability


  • They loosen up over time

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6. Pelham Ascot Premium Equine Dressage Boots

Pelham Ascot Premium Equine Dressage BootsThe Pelham Ascot Premium Equine Dressage Boots feature a three-layer construction to deliver superior protection for the splint and fetlock areas. An outer pebble grain leather construction improves its functionality. Thanks to the rugged leather outer casing, the boots are ultra-protective and waterproof.

Yet, the leather shell is quite flexible, allowing your horse to move naturally without any restrictions. Additionally, the leather shell facilitates ample breathability to prevent the build-up of heat when your horse is active. A vinyl nitride layer helps to relieve stress to the legs while further promoting flexibility and ease of mobility.

The third inner layer features a super soft fleece lining. The fleece lining adds a comfortable cushioning layer to support and protect the legs. The fleece lining offers improved airflow, which helps prevent fungal growth. Elastic loop straps offer a secure and custom fit to prevent the boots from falling off.


  • Loop elastic straps for a snug fit
  • Designed to protect the splint and fetlock area
  • Washable design for better hygiene
  • Vinyl nitrile layer for better leg support, flexibility, stress relief
  • Soft fleece lining for leg cushioning


  • The size runs a little large

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Q: What Are Horse Dressage Boots?

A: The best dressage boots for horses protect the horse’s leg tendons and ligaments. This protection prevents the horse from suffering blows from impact and clipping themselves with a hoof.


Q: What Does Horse Dressage Mean?

A: Horse dressage is horse training whereby the horse and the owner undergo intense preparation to perform a series of selected movements.


Q: Why Do Horses Wear Boots?

A: Horse boots protect your horse’s legs from injury during riding or other active pursuits by absorbing shock from impact when the hoof hits the ground. Furthermore, they protect your horse from developing splints and abrasions.


Q: What Boots Should I Put On My Horse For Jumping?

A: For jumping, we recommend using fetlock boots. These boots protect the tendons and cover fetlock areas, allowing them to absorb shock from impact when your horse hits their fetlocks in the air or when they land.


Q: What Activities Are Horse Boots Made For?

A:  Horse boots have a wide range of equine activities. These include racing, jumping, reining, dressage, polo, roping, trail riding, schooling, and penning, to mention a few.


Q: Who Needs Horse Boots?

A: Horse boots are great for any horse owner. These boots serve as protective gear for your horse when they are active – even during trail riding – as they offer the much-needed leg protection and cushioning.

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