Best Fly Sheets For Horses – 5 Top Rated Hot Weather Protectors

During the warmer season, your horse is at risk of being swarmed by various elements – whether it’s harmful UV rays or insect bites. Therefore, investing in the best fly sheets for horses helps to protect your horse. These protectors generally feature lightweight and breathable material, allowing you to keep insects, UV rays, and heat away from your horse.

Yet, they still maintain adequate airflow to prevent your horse from overheating. Furthermore, a good quality fly sheet helps to protect your horse’s coating against bleaching. So, below are the 5 top best fly sheets for horses for this year – to help you find the perfect protector.


1. Kensington Platinum SureFit Protective Fly Sheet

Kensington Platinum SureFit Protective Fly SheetFabricated from a 78% air permeable and non-heat transferring material, the Kensington Platinum SureFit Protective Fly Sheet helps to keep your horse cool and comfortable during the warmer seasons. The 1000 x 2000 Dernier mesh fabric provides adequate breathability and airflow while preventing wear, tear, and soiling.

Furthermore, the flysheet material is fire retardant and mildew resistant, maintaining its quality for longer. To ensure all time hygiene, it features an easy-to-care-for washable design. The flysheet protects your horse from up to 73% harmful UV rays. You can find similarly patterned neck warmers, belly bands, scrim boots, and saddle pads from the same brand for a full matching set.


  • Cools your horse during hot days
  • Protects against dirt and insect bites
  • Treated to block up to 73% of harmful UV rays
  • Dernier mesh fabric for added breathability and durability
  • Generous neckline, contoured topline, fitted hindquarters, and extended drop for a personalized fit


  • The flysheet straps are not as durable

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2. HORZE Horse Durafit Fly Sheet

HORZE Horse Durafit Fly SheetBuilt for spring and summer, the HORZE Horse Durafit Fly Sheet effectively protects your horse against high heat, insect bites, and dirt. With this sheet, you adequately cover your horse against elements without compromising breathability and ample circulation. The choice of a full white color finish comes in handy as it fully reflects extra heat to keep your horse cooled at all times.


Yet, the flysheet is still protective enough to warm your horse during the chilly nights. Fitted with frontal, leg, belly, and tail buckle straps, the flysheet stays in place without slipping while offering enough coverage around the entire body. The flysheet is available to choose up to 7 different sizing options to help you find the ideal size for your horse.


  • Shoulder gusset with expandable material for increased mobility
  • Polyester mesh sheet protects against insects while enhancing airflow
  • Available in up to 7 different sizing options
  • A white color finish which reflects extra high heat and sunlight glare


  • Some dirt and bugs can penetrate the flysheet

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3. Saxon Mesh Gusset Belly Wrap Fly Sheet

Saxon Mesh Gusset Belly Wrap Fly SheetA soft and flexible polyester mesh fabric of the Saxon Mesh Gusset Belly Wrap Fly Sheet leaves your horse fresh and comfortable throughout the day. Around the belly area, an adjustable belly band protects the horse against insects and bugs. Furthermore, a single shoulder gusset design on either side facilitates ease of mobility.

A fleece material around the withers areas prevents rubbing to keep your horse comfortable and free of abrasions. The front closure design includes dual surcingle buckles, which provide a more secure and personalized fit. For added coverage, the flysheet comes with a standard tail flap and a secure tail cord.


  • Adjustable belly band to keep insects and bugs away from the underside
  • Single shoulder gussets on each shoulder for increased range of motion
  • Fine weave mesh outer fabric to keep insects out while promoting adequate ventilation
  • Fleece at the withers to prevent withers


  • The soft material easily rips

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4. AMIGO Evolution Fly Sheet

AMIGO Evolution Fly SheetA supersized tail flap design and silky lining of the AMIGO Evolution Fly Sheet offer adequate coverage for the entire horse. The flysheet features a knitted polyester fabrication, which gives it soft, moisture-wicking, and sunlight reflecting qualities.

At the bottom, a belly flap offers underside protection against insects and bugs. The flysheet Velcro closures offer ample coverage for the belly area. Three straight surcingles complement the coverage and offer a secure closure design.  At the front, a new disc front closure system provides a lightweight and securely custom fitting finish.


  • Bold and bright colors to enhance the visibility of your horse
  • The bright colors effectively reflect extra heat
  • Belly flap with Velcro closure for full belly coverage
  • Silky shoulder lining prevents rubbing and brushing


  • The mesh can easily break

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5. Shires Sweet-Itch Combo Sheet

Shires Sweet-Itch Combo SheetThe Shires Sweet Itch Combo sheet offers adequate coverage – extending to the top of the neck. This design makes it ideal for protecting your horse against bug and insect bites. The flysheet is ultralight and breathable thanks to its 600D ripstop fabric. Yet, its rugged build resists wear and tear. Furthermore, the flysheet features elastic ear panels.

The panels allow for easy mobility, while the anti-rub interior reinforcement at the neck, chest, and shoulders prevent unwanted rubbing and irritation. A four touch close straps offer a snug and secure fit. Additionally, to match your horse’s size and shape, the flysheet is also fabricated with deep shoulder gussets, a belly flap with three adjustable surcingles straps, a large tail flap, and a fillet strap.


  • 600D breathable ripstop fabric offers wear and tear resistance
  • Elastic ear panels for ease of mobility
  • Touch close straps for a secure fit
  • Neck, chest, and shoulder lining prevents rubbing and irritation


  • The fabric is not and breathable – especially during warmer days

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Q: What Is A Fly Sheet For Horses?

A: A flysheet is a lightweight cloth designed to form a barrier to protect your horse against elements such as dirt, UV rays, and insects. The best fly sheets for horses generally use breathable materials for a 2-in-1 function, i.e., to shield the horse from elements while maintaining adequate airflow.


Q: Do Fly Sheets Work For Horses?

A: When it comes to protecting your horse against elements such as UV rays, dirt, and insects, these sheets do an excellent job. Additionally, thanks to their white or bright color design, they also protect against extreme heat as they reflect it. For extra protection, you can always apply fly spray on your horse as well.


Q: How Do I Know The Right Fly Sheet Size For My horse?

A: To measure your horse’s flysheet size, stand them square on a flat surface. Then, measure the horse from the chest center to the tail’s edge – through the widest part of the shoulders and hindquarters. The value you get in inches should be your horse’s fly sheet size.


Q: Are Fly Sheets Waterproof?

A: Not really. Generally, fly sheets offer protection from elements such as insects and UV rays. However, during rain, they will let water penetrate because they are neither waterproof nor water-resistant.


Q: How Do Horses Stay Cool In Hot Weather?

A: In addition to covering them with fly sheets, there are several other ways you can keep your horse cool in hot weather. These options include hosting them in shaded areas and giving them enough drinking water. If they are overheated, you can even cool them by using a sponge soaked in cool water.



Q: How Do You Wash A Horse Fly Sheet?

A: Wash them on a gentle cycle with mild detergent and cool water. Alternatively, you can invest in a mesh wash bag. A mesh wash bag allows you to fit in the flysheet before washing to protect details such as buckles and straps.

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