Best Gifts For Horse Owners – 8 Great Ideas for Riders and Equine Lovers

If you are searching for a gift to get a loved one who loves horses – you don’t need to search anymore. You can find a wide selection of the best gifts for horse owners in the market. Choosing the ideal gift entirely depends on your budget and the preferences of the person you want whom you’re looking to give a gift.

When choosing gifts, you can buy items for horses such as treats or grooming kits. However, you can also find gifts for the owners such as books, journals,  apparel, footwear, and even home décor. To help you find the ideal choice, we’ve compiled the top 8 best gifts for horse owners.

1. Horse Speak: An Equine-Human Translation Guide

Horse Speak An Equine Human Translation GuideUsing the “Horse Speak: An Equine Human Translation Guide,” horse owners can miraculously learn how to communicate with their horses. The translation guide book offers a practical system for listening and talking to horses in their language.

Whether you are a riding instructor, colt starter, avid competitor, or horse owner, learning how to communicate with your horse improves understanding of what they communicate. Additionally, the translation guide equips you with simple ways to reply to your horse.

This guide allows you to get more done, whether you are training your horse for a competition or merely grooming them. With this guide, you will learn 12 easy steps – including understanding horse language through breath and body language. Furthermore, you will learn the 4Gs of horse speak, .i.e. greeting, going somewhere, grooming, and gone.


  • Teaches you horse language in 12 easy steps
  • Available in kindle and paperback
  • Includes step by step instructional templates
  • Includes colorful interactive photographs to take you through an eye-opening process of communication
  • . The authors are horse owners and trainers.


  • Not available in audiobook

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2. K&K Pet Grooming Gloves Gift Set

K&K Pet Grooming Gloves Gift SetThe K&K Pet Grooming Gloves Gift Set features a durable medical grade silicone – making it safe from any toxic elements that can cause skin damage. Its innovative design integrates high-quality stitching, allowing the threads to run through the designated rack instead of on the gloves.

The premium quality grooming gloves feature a breathable mesh lining that promotes air circulation, leaving your hands dry and fresh. Additionally, the grooming gloves feature an elastic spandex fabric to accommodate a one size fits all design to cater to different people.

The adjustable Velcro straps provide an improved personalized fit.  The grooming gloves allow you to run through your horse’s body to collect hairs more effectively smoothly. The grooming gloves’ soft rubber nubs gently massage your pet while grooming them too.


  • Designed in colors animals can see
  • Fast-drying and moisture-wicking fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Able for use with different animals, including horses, rabbits, cats, and dogs


  • It runs a little large for some people

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3. Aqua Comb for Horses

Aqua Comb for HorsesThe Aqua Comb for Horses offers an innovative way for horse owners to wash and clean their horses. The comb instantly wets any tail and mane, allowing you to clean, massage, and groom your horse’s hair.

Additionally, you can use it to treat wounds, as well as detangling hair and fur.  One can say this grooming and washing comb cleans your animal from the inside out rather than most traditional combs.

Designed to shoot water directly into the skin

, the comb delivers a hydromassage that calms the animal- so you don’t have to struggle with a fighting animal during washes. The comb is efficient at cleaning thus, reducing wash time by up to 50%. Furthermore, the comb is ideally built from horses as it prevents wounds and skin irritations.


  • Removes fungus, sweet itch, ringworm scabs, and other conditions that cause tearing or bleeding
  • Promotes wound healing thanks to the non-damaging comb hairs
  • Calms the horse during washing – no more fighting!
  • Built with an adjustable/direct water pressure


  • The comb edge becomes less sharp over time

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4. Weaver Leather Grooming Kit

Weaver Leather Grooming KitThe Weaver Leather Grooming Kit comes with eight assorted grooming pieces to make the process easier and efficient. The grooming kit includes a nylon tote bag with six exterior pockets for better storage and organization. A wire reinforced top and plastic feet on the other end improves stability while the convenient top drawstring closure offers easy accessibility.

The adjustable padded shoulder straps offer adequate cushioning. Inside the bag, you will find a face brush, coarse curry, mane and tail brush, comb, sweat scraper/coarse curry combo, hoof pick, and dandy brush. The face brush features soft bristles and has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably on your hand for less fatigue when grooming.

The mane and tail brush features a comfortable and contoured handle with 7/8-inch bristles to groom the tail and mane effectively. The dandy brush makes it easy and quick to remove dirt and sweat, while the hoof pick features a comfortable rubber handle for convenient picking.


  • Nylon tote bag for easy storage and organization
  • Wire reinforced tote bag for added stability
  • Padded shoulder strap with snaps for easy on and off
  • 8-piece kit with versatile brushes


  • It doesn’t include a washing comb

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5. JobSite Premium Boot Puller

JobSite Premium Boot PullerAs a horse owner, your loved one will never have to struggle to take off muddy boots, thanks to the JobSite Premium Boot Puller. Using the boot puller, you will no longer have to touch your boots when removing them to keep your hands and socks clean.

The puller has rubber grips that prevent scuffs and scratches. The puller’s gray color will also not rub off on the boots as other brands.  Whether you don’t want to touch the mud or have trouble bending over – the boot puller is perfect for you!

The boot puller features a wide-open U shape that adapts to any shoe size and type – including cowboy boots, steel toe boots, work boots, and even gym shoes. Its wide tapered boot slot on the other end allows it to fit large boots.


  • Waterproof and UV resistant plastic boot puller
  • Wide tapered boot slot fits large boots
  • The boot puller works on any boots type
  • Ruber grip inlay protects your footwear from getting scratched or scraped


  • Leaves a little mark on your boots

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6. Handmade Medium Vintage Leather Journal

Handmade Medium Vintage Leather JournalThe handmade Medium Vintage Leather Journal features a soft and supple fark brown genuine leather cover with a natural scent that all horse lovers enjoy. The journal features a hand-cut asymmetric flap while a leather wrap around strap effectively keeps the journal closed while doubling as a bookmark.

Its natural tan with special oil enhances its durability.  Inside the journal, you will find paper made using acid-free cotton biomass, allowing you to use any pen or pencil type comfortably. You will find up to 360 pages – enough to scribble down your thoughts, plans, and anything you want to add.

Each page is 1.5 inches thick, making the journal great for writing, drawing, or sketching – you don’t have to worry about tracing or ink bleeding through the page.  Yet, the leather journal is compact enough to fit in your bag.


  • 5-inch thick paper for handwriting, drawing, or sketching
  • Compact enough to fit a small carrying bag
  • Leather wrap-around strap to keep the journal closed and acts like a bookmark
  • Made from acid-free biomass cotton paper


  • Some defective units have pages that fall off

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7. Bogs Women’s Classic High No Handle Waterproof Insulated Rain and Winter Snow Boots

Bogs Women’s Classic High No Handle Waterproof Insulated Rain and Winter Snow BootsWearing the Bogs Women’s Classic Rain and Winter Snow Boots allows you to easily care for your horses without having to worry about ruining them. Constructed from 100% rubber and a patented Neo-Tech fabric, the boots offer a durable and waterproof performance – keeping you warm under temperatures of up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The snow winter boots feature a four-way stretch inner bootie that provides a comfortable and snug fit. The dura Fresh anti-odor protection keeps your feet fresh and clean. The moisture-wicking interior lining on the other end helps to keep your feet dry and fresh.

At the bottom, the boots have a non-marking, self-cleaning outsole, which provides superior traction. An internal shank improves footing and stability, whether you are walking or riding.


  • Four-way stretch interior bootie
  • Non-marking and self-cleaning rubber outsole for excellent traction and flexibility
  • Moisture-wicking lining keeps feet dry and comfortable
  • Internal shank for added stability and footing


  • Outsole treading is not as good

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8. VASCHY Handmade Distressed Leather Vintage Satchel

VASCHY Handmade Distressed Leather Vintage SatchelThe VASCHY handmade Distressed Leather Vintage Satchel features a superior quality cowhide leather, which gives it luxurious look overtime. For horse owners, this bag will be most appealing, thanks to its traditional equine satchel style.

Thanks to this stylish and rugged design, the pouch is great for casual wear, a business messenger bag, or even a small travel bag. It features a top lift handle for easy accessibility and a detachable shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Furthermore, the pouch boasts bronze hardware, including a bronze clasp for secure closure. The main compartment allows you to fit in several essential items, including a laptop that measures up to 15 inches. You will also find three additional pockets to fit in large items and smaller ones such as money and keys.


  • Top lift handle for easy accessibility
  • Detachable shoulder straps for easy carrying
  • Multiple pockets for added organization
  • Constructed from high-quality cowhide leather



  • The brown dye can easily stain light clothes.

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Q: What To Buy For Someone Who Owns Horses?

A: You can find different types of the best gifts for horse owners. It all depends on your budget and what they like. Some of the critical gifts include riding apparel and footwear, horse snacks, horse décor, journals, books, grooming kits, and many more.


Q: What Does Every Horse Owner Need?

A: A horse owner needs several items to care for the horse daily. These include halter and lead ropes to lead them around the barn and pastures. They also need a grooming kit, a first aid kit, horse snacks/treats, and riding equipment.


Q: What To Get A Young Horse Owner?

A: You find a wide selection of the best gifts for horse owners who are children. Typically, you can get the books to understand their horse more, horse treats, grooming kits, journals, and other similar gifts.

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