Best Horseback Riding Boots For Beginners – 8 Top Rated Footwear For Safe Equine Handling

Whether you’re beginning to horseback ride, hike, or even play soccer, it is essential to invest in the right pair of shoes. These boots protect your feet when you climb on your horse and prevent your feet from sliding through the stirrup in case you fall off.

For beginners, these boots offer an affordable yet durable option. Furthermore, they offer excellent heel safety, leaving you even more comfortable. Below, we’ve compiled the eight best horseback riding boots for beginners to help you find the right pair.

1. ARIAT Women’s Scout Zip Paddock Boots

ARIAT Women's Scout Zip Paddock BootsIf you’re currently learning how to ride horseback, the ARIAT Women’s Scout Zip Paddock Boots are a perfect choice. The paddock boots are quite flexible to ride on thanks to their full-grain leather build and offer adequate protection. An elastic twin gore panel offers a comfortable and secure fit.

An antiqued brass zip closure at the front on the other end offers an easy on and off. A lateral motion control system improves mobility and ease of movement. However, these boots optimize movement and flexibility during riding and keep you comfortable throughout as well.

Inside the boots, the moisture-wicking lining leaves your feet dry and fresh. At the bottom, the paddock boots integrate a patented Duratread rubber outsole for excellent traction and flexibility. Furthermore, the paddock boots integrate a proprietary 4LR technology. This design provides superior support and cushioning using its four-layered footbed. A lightweight stabilizing shank on the other end offers excellent footing and support.


  • Elastic twin gore panel for an easy and secure fit
  • Moisture-wicking lining for a dry and comfortable environment
  • The lateral motion control system allows for easy mobility
  • 4LR technology supports and cushions your foot
  • Lightweight stabilizing shank for added support


  • The outsole rips over time

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2. HORZE Classic Leather Jodhpur Boots

HORZE Classic Leather Jodhpur BootsFeaturing a classic paddock boot style, the HORZE Classic Leather Jodphur Boots aim to improve your riding performance. The boots are highly breathable and water-resistant. Thanks to the upper leather fabrication, the boots easily mold to the shape of your feet.

Their flat boot outsole provides incredible stability and support during your horseback riding sessions. The flat outsole delivers excellent traction as well, even on wet surfaces. The paddock boots are comfortable to wear and remove with the help of back loops.

To quickly put on and remove the boots, pull on the back loops. On the other end, the elastic sides accentuate the stretch of the boots for better stretch and comfort, allowing you to achieve a personalized fit. Furthermore, they are available in a wide variety of sizes.


  • Flexible and durable leather fabrication
  • Flat outsole for increased stability and support
  • Sturdy rubber outsole
  • Elastic sides offer flexibility and stretch for comfort
  • Strong pull on back loops for easy on and off


  • The size runs a little large

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3. HORZE Rover Field Tall Boots

HORZE Rover Field Tall BootsAn inner leg suede-like lining added an extra layer of comfort to the HORZE Rover Field Tall Boots. The suede-like lining offers excellent breathability and moisture absorption, allowing your feet to remain dry and fresh all day long. Generally, the suede lining is softer, thus, preventing the boots from restricting flexibility and mobility.

The boots’ upper and foot parts are constructed from synthetic leather, giving them a more affordable cost without affecting their quality or functionality. Thanks to the synthetic upper fabrication, the riding boots are easy and quick to break in.

At the back of the boots, along zipper closure makes it easy to put on and remove the boots. You will also find elastic laces at the foot, enhancing the fit for comfortable wearing. To make the boot available to many, you can find a regular or wide fit.


  • Synthetic leather upper makes it easy to break in the boots
  • Budget-friendly
  • Soft rubber outsole for flexibility
  • Back zip for easy on and off
  • Available in regular and wide fit


  • The shaft is wide

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4. TuffRider Men’s Baroque Field Boots

TuffRider Men's Baroque Field BootsA long Spanish cut toe comes with a TuffRider Men’s Baroque Field Boots to improve their look. The Spanish cut toe gives these riding boots a higher cut outside the rider’s leg, extending on the outside of your knee for better coverage.

Even after long term use and some wear, the boots still maintain a long and presentable look. The boots feature a classic look while leaving a soft feel in your feet. Furthermore, the full-grain leather upper improves the boots’ flexibility, allowing you to perform better without risking to damage them.

A full-length rear elastic gusset and back zipper with a snap closure makes the boot quite convenient. A contoured ankle, high Spanish top, and round toe with elastic laces don’t only improve the boots’ look but also offer support and stability.


  • Full-grain leather for added protection, flexibility, and durability
  • Rear elastic gusset and back zipper with snap closure for added convenience
  • Contoured ankle for better footing and support
  • High Spanish cut for an improved look
  • Elastic laces for better foot fit


  • Not very good quality finish

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5. Dublin Ladies Universal Tall Boots

Dublin Ladies Universal Tall BootsUsing the Dublin Ladies Universal Tall Boots gives you a lightweight performance thanks to its unique fabrication. The boots feature a slush molded upper, which accounts for the lightweight finish. Nevertheless, this design still gives the boots increased durability.

Its synthetic fabrication offers an affordable footwear option – making the boots great for beginners. An interior jersey lining is smooth and warm, leaving you cozy and comfortable throughout the day and offer a waterproof finish.

Furthermore, the tall horseback riding boots integrate durable and toughened outsoles. This added feature makes the boots great for everyday riding activities. Thanks to the synthetic upper fabrication and rubber outsole, the tall riding boots are easy to care for, too – wipe down the boots or gently spray them with water.


  • Rigid soles for everyday riding activities
  • Waterproof finish for wet and colder seasons
  • Jersey interior lining for a smooth and warm feel
  • Slush molded upper for lightweight performance and durability
  • Easy to clean


  • Pullover design may sometimes make it difficult to put on and remove the boots

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6. TuffRider Ladies Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots

TuffRider Ladies Starter Front Zip Paddock BootsThe TuffRider Ladies Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots are specially designed for any equestrian –  beginner or experienced. The paddock boots feature elastic gussets, which offer flexibility, allowing you to put on and remove the boots quickly.

A frontal zip closure fitted with high quality and smooth zip also enhances convenience, making it easy to put on and remove the boots. Detailed stitching on the boots’ upper increases durability while improving the look. At the bottom of the boots, spur rests provide a comfortable riding experience, while the PVC outsoles allow you to wear the boots in any weather conditions.

The PVC outsoles offer a lightweight performance as well. Inside the paddock boots, a soft and breathable lining enhances air ventilation for dry and fresh feet. A rounded toe design provides maximum safety of your toes.


  • Soft and breathable interior lining for dry and fresh feet
  • Spur rests for a comfortable riding experience
  • PVC outsole for all-weather and lightweight performance
  • Elastic gussets for flexibility
  • Round-toe design for optimal safety


  • They are not suitable for unisex use – designed for ladies

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7. Equistar Ovation Ladies’ Zip Paddock Boots

Equistar Ovation Ladies' Zip Paddock BootsA 5-inch shaft of the Equistar Ovation Ladies’ Zip Paddock Boots features a broadside elastic goring, which offers a custom and flexible fit. Their 6-inch height offers just the right performing comfort – allowing you to enjoy horseback riding without restricting your movements.

The frontal zipper closure with metal YKK zippers on the other end makes it easy to put on and to remove the boots. Additionally, the paddock boots feature a synthetic durable leather upper. You will be impressed with how flexible and soft the boots feel even on the first day you put them on.

Thanks to this fabrication, the boots deliver even better flexibility while giving you a perfect fit. At the bottom, a long-lasting shoe sole system provides added comfort while increasing traction in any terrain, even wet surfaces.


  • Synthetic and durable leather
  • Sole system designed to provide added comfort
  • Front zipper closure with metal YKK zipper
  • 5inch shaft with wide elastic shaft goring for a customized and flexible fit
  • Meta frame for increased durability


  • Somewhat tricky to zip up

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8. Equistar Ovation Ladies Energy Zip Front Paddock Riding Boots

Equistar Ovation Ladies Energy Zip Front Paddock Riding BootsIntegrating a steel shank, the Equistar Ovation Ladies Paddock Riding Boots provides additional support, allowing you to go for hours without fatigue. A flat steel shank piece is inserted in the boots underneath the arches to provide you with better footing and stability.

A durable synthetic leather fabrication gives the boots a flexible and soft feel, allowing them to mold to the shape of your feet quickly. The faux leather fabrication gives the boots a water-resistant finish too.

A long-wearing TPR outsole improves your grip on the ground while giving the boots a lightweight performance. The frontal zipper closure allows for easy on and off.


  • Steel shank for added support
  • Water-resistant faux leather fabrication
  • Front zipper closure for easy on and off
  • Lightweight and long-wearing TPR outsole
  • Easy to care for


  • Not very good quality outsole bond

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Q: Are Paddock Boots Good For Riding?

A: Yes, paddock boots are suitable for riding. Paddock boots are specially built for horseback riding or working on a farm. Long, knee-high paddock boots prevent your feet from getting caught in stirrups and the saddle from digging into the rider’s leg. Additionally, they offer extra protection to the lower leg.


Q: Can I Wear Walking Boots For Horseback Riding?

A: No, walking and hiking boots are generally not designed for horseback riding. Generally, these boots tend to be broad. Thus, they may not fit into a stirrup. Additionally, the lace closure of most walking and hiking boots may easily get tangled in stirrups.


Q: What Material Is Ideal For The Best Horseback Riding Boots For Beginners?

A: The best horseback riding boots for beginners should have leather or synthetic leather upper. These materials offer just the right amount of grip, durability, and other elements when you are on the field. Rubber or TPR outsoles offer flexible, high traction, and lightweight performance.


Q: What Does A Beginner Horse Rider Need?

A: A beginner horse rider should have appropriate long pants and proper riding boots. Typically, you want the riding boots to be made with low heels (usually no more than 1.5  inches) to prevent them from slipping through the stirrups.


Q: What Is The Difference Between Riding Boots And Regular Boots?

The critical difference between riding and regular boots is their heels. A riding boot heel features a slight slant, which prevents them from slipping through a stirrup.

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