Best Safety Stirrups For Adults – Top Rated Injury Preventing Tools For Equestrians

During horseback riding, you want to ensure you are safe in case of accidents. Thus, you should invest in the best safety stirrups for adults. These tools will keep you safe in case of falls or slips – preventing you from being dragged behind your horse if your feet get caught in the stirrups.

In addition to preventing injuries during accidents and allowing you to get up on the horse quickly, stirrups enhance your comfort during riding as well. Thanks to their high grip and padded surfaces, they provide a shock-absorbing performance while preventing pressure on your knees and feet.

Listed below is our compilation of the top 7 best safety stirrups for adults this year – pick a pair to help you keep safe during your horse riding adventures.

1. Sheens Premium Saddle Stirrups

Sheens Premium Saddle StirrupsFeaturing an iron-plated white nickel construction, the Sheens Premium Saddle Stirrups do not break and can support loads of up to 140 lbs. High-quality rubber pads assembled on the stirrups offer an anti-skid slot design for comfortable and safe riding.

Thanks to this anti-skit slot design, you don’t have to worry about slipping your feet through the stirrups. The saddle stirrups also feature a lightweight build, weighing less than 2 lbs. per pair for added flexibility.

Yet, they are thick and robust enough to support your feet adequately. Their double bend leg design on the other end offers a steady hold on your feet during riding. The saddle stirrups support most foot sizes, thanks to their inches width.


  • Anti-skid slot design thanks to the rubber padding
  • 8-inch wide size to accommodate different feet
  • Double bent leg design for a steady hold on your feet
  • Iron plated white nickel construction supports loads of up to 140 lbs.
  • Weighs less than 2 lbs


  • It can be a little challenging to use for people with wide feet

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2. Intrepid International Irons Stirrups

Intrepid International Irons StirrupsThe Intrepid International Irons Stirrups feature a lightweight aluminum fabrication yet, and it doesn’t compromise its incredible strength.  The black anodized stirrups are incredibly rugged, allowing them to withstand even hard use for long periods.

Thanks to their lightweight and rugged design, these stirrups are perfect for bad knees. The safety aluminum stirrups integrate a built-in tread covered with small spiky grips. Thanks to this design, you will enjoy excellent grip and slip resistance.

You don’t have to worry about the spiky grips going dull either. Furthermore, the grip pad’s offset position assists in achieving a better heel position. The stirrups offer the ideal measurement to accommodate a wide range of boot sizes.


  • 3000 lb. breaking strength
  • 100% lightweight and rugged aluminum construction
  • Built-in tread covered with low spiky grips for better support
  • Slightly offset grip pads to assist in achieving better heel position
  • Standard 4.75 inch size to fit most feet and boot sizes


  • Reported issues with durability

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3. HEEPDD Safety Stirrups

HEEPDD Safety StirrupsThe HEEPDD Safety Stirrups are built with die-cast aluminum with no holes on the surfaces and are slightly wider and thicker. This design enhances its durability while accommodating more feet and boot sizes. Furthermore, thanks to the die-cast aluminum construction, the stirrups offer an incredibly lightweight performance.

This profile makes them great for fastidious events such as horse racing. On the stirrups’ stepping surface is a rubber pad that provides an anti-skip performance to keep you safe and comfortable during riding.

Their double bent leg helps hold your feet and lower leg steady – preventing falls or getting caught in them. Additionally, the stirrup design allows your heel to go down, creating a deeper seat to increase balance and comfort.


  • Wide and thick design for added durability and functionality
  • Lightweight die-cast aluminum construction
  • Designed for fast horse riding events
  • Anti-skid rubber pads to prevent your feet from getting caught in the stirrups
  • Improves riding position


  • The rubber pads have a strong smell for some people

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4. Endurance Aluminum Stirrups

Endurance Aluminum StirrupsFeaturing an angled design, the Endurance Aluminum Stirrups make it easy for you to pick them up while removing strain off your knees – making them great for people with knee pain. Additionally, with this design, your feet are guaranteed to remain in the same position across the pad more easily.

Furthermore, the angled design allows your feet to be flat across the tread to offer a comfortable ride and reduce stress on your knees.  On the footing surface, the aluminum stirrups come with 1-inch thick shock-absorbing cushioned pads.

These pads provide comfort to the knees and ankles, eliminating numbness during prolonged travel.  Furthermore, they feature a wide stirrup footbed design, which helps to accommodate most shoe styles. Nevertheless, the stirrups are still relatively lightweight, weighing 0.875 only.


  • Lightweight aluminum construction makes the stirrups perfect for horse trail riding
  • Angled design makes the ride more comfortable and less stressful on the knees
  • Thick shock absorbing footpads eliminates numbness during long rides
  • Wide stirrup footbed to accommodate most shoe styles
  • Sold in pairs


  • Made from low-quality aluminum

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5. Compositi Adult Premium Profile Horse Riding Stirrups

Compositi Adult Premium Profile Horse Riding StirrupsBuilt with an elastomer sole, the Compositi Adult Premium Profile Horse Riding Stirrups offer flexibility and comfort during your rides. The spike grip surfaces provide a comfortable hold on your feet without restricting movement during falls and slips.

Their lightweight composite construction makes it easy to remove your feet during accidents while maintaining incredible support during rides. Their padded surface, on the other end, makes them quite highly resistant to shock and damp.

Additionally, thanks to their supportive and functional design, the horse riding stirrups are ideal for both beginners and experienced riders. For the ultimate solution for the whole family, these horse riding stirrups are available in two sizes, allowing you to find the right pair for yourself and your children.


  • Designed for beginners and experienced riders
  • Available in two sizes, i.e., adult and child
  • lightweight composite construction
  • Elastomer sole for flexibility and comfort
  • Resistant to shocks and damp


  • Some customers have complained about discomfort during long rides

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6. Shires Composite Premium Profile Stirrups

Shires Composite Premium Profile StirrupsIf you are looking for both style and functionality, the Shires Composite Premium Profile Stirrups are an excellent option. The composite stirrups come with an interchangeable color tread allowing you to rock different colors daily to match your riding outfit.

Additionally, they feature an elegant look for that stylish yet sportive look. Nevertheless, the stirrups’ durable composite build allows them to survive even rough conditions. These composite stirrups also feature an ultra-lightweight build, which makes them flexible to use.

Furthermore, a rigid and reinforced grip offers high resistance during your rides to prevent your feet from getting caught in the stirrups. This design also makes them great for people with bad knees. The safety stirrups come in both adult and child sizes to help accommodate your whole family.


  • Tough reinforced grip to support your feet
  • High resistance to stress on the knees
  • Interchangeable colored tread
  • Elegant and robust composite construction
  • Lightweight build for comfortable riding


  • Adult and child sizes are the same

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7. Tough 1 EZ Out Safety Stirrups

Tough 1 EZ Out Safety StirrupsIf you want to enhance your efficiency during horse riding, you want to invest in the Tough 1 Ez Out Safety Stirrups. These stirrups are lightweight and super rugged due to their aluminum build, making them comfortable and protective for your feet. A rugger grip tread helps by providing a stable hold, preventing your feet from slipping during rides.

However, their working mechanism is what makes these stirrups quite impressive. The aluminum stirrups come with a spring-loaded release for added safety. When pressure occurs on the outside of the stirrup due to falls or slips, it opens up automatically to release your feet.

Furthermore, the aluminum safety stirrups come with a wide footbed of up to 5 inches, accommodating even the broadest feet. You will also find the stirrups available in two neck sizes,i.e., 2.5 inches and 3 inches. To make the aluminum stirrups available to the entire family, you can find the same model available in adult and youth sizing.


  • Available in two neck sizes, i.e., 2.5 inches and 3 inches
  • Spring-loaded outside release for added safety
  • Rubber grip tread for added foot stability
  • Lightweight and rugged aluminum construction
  • The wide stirrup footbed of up to 5 inches accommodates even large feet


  • They can easily break on impact

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Q: What Are Safety Stirrups?

A: Safety stirrups help release your feet faster if you fall or slip from your horse, preventing your feet from being caught up in them. Fitted on either side of the horse saddle, they also allow you to quickly climb up on your horse while giving you a stable footing during horse rides.


Q: What Kind Of Adult Stirrups Should I Get For Riding?

A: When choosing the best safety stirrups for adults, you want to pay attention to the correct sizing. To ensure the right stirrups size, you want them to be an inch wider than your boots’ width at the ball of the foot. When you place your foot on the stirrup surface, it should have at least half an inch of space on each side.


Q: What Is The Standard Safety Stirrup Size?

A: Generally, the best safety stirrups for adults should measure 4.75 inches. This size allows it to fit most feet, whether you are a man or a woman. However, if you have larger than average feet, extend the size to at least 5 inches. Remember, the size and fit of your stirrups affect both safety and comfort.


Q: What Are The Different Types Of Stirrups?

A: You can find a wide selection of stirrups. You can find them in two groups, open and closed stirrups. Open stirrups include single-legged, circular, and spiral stirrups; while closed stirrups include double legged, four-legged, and six-legged stirrups.


Q: Are Composite Stirrups Safe?

A: Yes, composite stirrups are safe to use.  They are quite efficient at releasing your feet during accidents, thanks to their lightweight build. Their rugged build further improves their comfort and support.


Q: What is The Ideal Material For The Best Safety Stirrups For Adults?

A: You will find a wide selection of the best material for adult safety stirrups. These include iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and composite plastic. Aluminum is excellent for its lightweight and rugged build, while stainless steel doesn’t rust. Composite plastic stirrups on the other end are equally strong, light, and easy to clean.

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